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The 4 cornerstones of good health

“I don’t need to improve my health and I already have more energy than I can handle,”

Said nobody…EVER!

Let’s think of your body as an intricate piece of engineering, constructed of bone, tissue, cells and muscle, with organs being the mechanical working parts.

You may smirk at this analogy but work with me here. It makes sense that any construction is only as good as the cornerstones, or pillars that support it.

If you’re overdoing it with alcohol, caffeine and takeaway food – and underdoing it with decent food, relaxation, exercise or movement of any kind, then eventually this modus operandi will start to create stress fractures in your cornerstones. Not sleeping properly, succumbing to the endless daily cavalcade of early starts, late finishes, pressure at work, anxiety at home, no energy left to do the things you love …it all becomes a slippery downward slope to ill-health.

So, what can you do about it?

If, like most busy/lazy people, you like things reduced, simplified and summarised into list form, then here’s what you need in your life:

  1. Natural nourishment
  2. Regular movement
  3. Plenty of natural sleep
  4. Reducing your intake of toxins

Natural nourishment.

Include more whole, natural, unprocessed foods in your diet. Easier said than done, you say. Sorry to remind you, but if everything in life was easy, we’d all be robotically perfect, and you wouldn’t be reading this. However, with a few small substitutions and a little effort on your part, you can adjust your less favourable habits and perhaps even start a new chapter in your life.

Rule of thumb…anything green is good for you. The antioxidants in greens and other brightly coloured vegetables help neutralise the body and clear out toxins. Vegetables in general are very rich in minerals and most of the nutrients that are vital to your body’s health, like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and vitamins B, C, E, and K.

Whole grains and seeds, nuts, legumes, lean meats and fish will all get the thumbs up for natural nourishment.

The trusty food pyramid explains it graphically if you like pictures better than words.

It’s not rocket science, but if this is a bit much for you to take in all at once, then just think about it. And while you’re thinking, you can always add bee pollen to your daily diet. It just so happens that pollen is one of the purest sources of natural nutrients on the planet. A few golden capsules every day will fill in any nutritional gaps and help get you where you need to be. Good nutrition means a body that’s fuelled up, and a brain that’s firing on all cylinders. So that’s one stress-fractured cornerstone patched and looking strong again.

Regular movement

We’re not advocating taking out a gym membership. Very few of us are as dedicated to the regular pumping, spinning, working out regimen that you need to get your money’s worth.

According to the Mayo Clinic, who have been looking after the health of millions since 1889, you need only need 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity…and a little strength training a couple of times a week”… to maintain good health. That’s just 30 minutes a day! Even moderate everyday tasks like mowing the lawn, walking, using the stairs instead of elevators all counts.

Even if you can’t possibly, under any circumstances pluck a single chunk of 30 minutes out of your busy day, you’re not getting out of this. Even brief spurts of activity can be beneficial, like a few 5-minute walks several times a day.  Any physical activity is better than no physical activity at all. What’s most important is making regular physical activity part of your lifestyle.

And it all ties into natural nourishment. If you put healthy things into your body, your body will thank you by being motivated to move. Movement creates those feel-good endorphins, leads you further down the path towards good health. So that’s another stress-fractured cornerstone filled, leaving you stronger and better equipped to take on the world.

Plenty of natural sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in your health and wellbeing. It’s important for your mental health, physical wellbeing, quality of life, and safety.

With a good night’s slumber, you’ll be far more productive and happier during the day. Someone with a sleep disorder is not hard to spot. They’re the ones who look like the walking dead, slurp coffee all day and snap at you for no reason.

Sleep deficiency affects people of all ages, genders and demographics, and the reasons for it are numerous. If it becomes a chronic problem, many people seek medical advice, and resort to medication as a last resort. But often medications leave you feeling groggy and somewhat worse the next day. There are numerous solutions to help you sleep better the natural way. One of those natural solutions is SleepEzy, the drug-free alternative that creates a calm, soothing atmosphere and helps settle a stressful state.

Well then, with another cornerstone repaired, life is beginning to look a great deal brighter.

Reducing your intake of toxins

Each day, we’re exposed to toxins that affect every organ from your skin, to your brain.

Common toxins get into our bodies through skin absorption, ingestion, inhalation – and in some cases intravenously.  So almost everything we come in contact with could at some point contain harmful toxins that we don’t even know about.

We live in a manufactured world, so it’s hard to avoid plastics, herbicides, artificial additives and preservatives. If you’re a city dweller, then pollution is part of your life. Your body’s natural detoxification system often can’t process substances that don’t occur in nature. But there are ways to limit or reduce your intake of toxins – or at least the common ones.

If you drink alcohol every day, then a few alcohol-free days every now and then will benefit your liver, sleeping patterns, and will cut calories, leading to healthy weight management. Same goes for high sugar fizzy drinks, (have you ever seen what happens to a coin dropped into a glass of cola?) even the ones with artificial sweeteners.

Recreational and over-the-counter medications contain chemical toxins which can affect your kidneys, liver, and could have an effect on your brain.

Limit or cut out your fast-food intake. Most takeaway foods, while they seem like a good idea at the time, are heavily laden with fat (the bad kind), salt, sugar and empty carbohydrates.  Wouldn’t you rather eat something wholesome?

Stress creates toxicity in your body too, due to the over-production of adrenaline, which suppresses the immune system and wreaks all kinds of havoc on your heart, blood pressure and digestive system.

Try to escape to the country or the sea for some clean, fresh air as often as you can. Hikes in the outdoors, bike rides in the country, mountain retreats are healthy, de-stressors. And if you need a little help to gently de-tox and get your body back on track, then why not try Green Cleanse, a natural herbal formulation.

So that’s the four cornerstones of good health identified and addressed.  With a little natural help and good common sense anyone can form a strong, solid foundation for a healthier lifestyle, and  be ready to take on life’s challenges.

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