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SleepEzy Companion Pack : Pillow Spray Plus Night Oil

SleepEzy Companion Pack : Pillow Spray Plus Night Oil
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At NatureBee we’re always listening to what you have to say about the products YOU want. After all, it’s our customers and their valuable feedback, that has helped us develop our range of worldwide best-selling products. 

Customers have told us that lack of sleep is an issue that’s negatively affecting their lives. Excerpts from some emails and messages… 

Rebecca, 49, Sydney
It takes me forever to fall asleep and when I do, I keep waking up several times during the night, then I’m tired all day…

Wendy, 52, Auckland
Do you have any natural products that can help me get to sleep, and stay asleep? I don’t want to take drugs or sleeping tablets but I’m suffering…

Malcolm, 55, Melbourne
As I’ve gotten older, I’m finding it harder to get a good night’s sleep. It’s starting to affect my job and my demeanour…

Stephen, 38, Dunedin
I work a really stressful job and find it hard to switch off. This is affecting my sleep and making me even more stressed, do you have a natural solution…

It’s comments like these and many more that prompted us to develop a product to help support your body’s natural sleep mechanisms. 

Our new SleepEzy night oil and SleepEzy pillow spray products are formulated to provide a natural, and holistic approach to sleep health.

What is sleep and why do we need it?
It’s thought that we spend approximately one third of our lives sleeping. We tend to think that our mind and body ‘shuts down’ while we sleep, but in fact scientists have discovered that sleep is an active period. 

During the day, the human brain absorbs an extraordinary amount of information, facts and experiences. If you think of your brain as a computer, we could call this the collection and entry of data. 

All data however, is saved, processed, strengthened, and restored while we sleep. Scientific studies have shown that sleep is a crucial time for the consolidation of memories and information retention. Physically, the human body requires sufficient sleep to restore and rejuvenate. Sleep allows our bodies to repair tissue, grow muscle and balance hormones.

A satisfying night’s sleep not only makes you feel great, it’s also key to your overall wellness, playing a critical role in your mental and physical health. If you need some support to get to sleep, there are supplements that help make achieving calm a little easier

Common causes of difficulty in sleeping:
  •  Ageing
  • Overstimulation before bedtime (such as watching television, playing video games, or being on the computer)
  • Consuming caffeine
  • Certain medications 
  • Home or workplace stress 
How Does SleepEzy Night Oil and Pillow Spray Work?
At NatureBee, we’ve built our business on the firm belief that natural is best. For centuries before there were laboratories and manufactured chemicals, Mother Nature herself provided for our health and wellbeing, and this is the basis upon which we have developed our products. 

We’ve extensively researched the top 7 plant extracts we believe can help induce the best quality night’s sleep. These plant extracts have been carefully blended and cold pressed to make our sleep formula, which when inhaled or applied to pulse points on your skin can help achieve that longed-for state of deep sleep and calm your busy mind.  
SleepEzy is formulated using only the very best ingredients from nature, all scientifically shown to support a deep and sound sleep. 100% natural with few problems.

SleepEzy Pillow Spray and SleepEzy Night Oil Ingredients:
  • Lavender
  • Bergamot
  • Camomile
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Mandarin
  • Sandalwood
SleepEzy Night Oil contains the same ingredients as the SleepEzy Pillow Spray, and also contains Cedarwood & Rosemary Essential Oils in sweet almond oil.

How To Use The SleepEzy Pillow Spray
Simply spray a fine mist over your pillow, bed linen and sleeping attire. As you inhale the scent through your nose, it creates a calming sensory atmosphere that helps promote a sense of peace and drowsiness. Make sure your room is darkened, and all outside stimuli has also been ‘put to bed’. As you relax, the natural aromas continue to create a tranquil environment, supporting your body’s natural desire for a perfect night’s sleep.

Apply the SleepEzy Night Oil to various pulse points including the insides of your wrists, neck, temples and the arches of your feet. Your body will absorb the soothing oils and create those sleep-inducing benefits.  

For a better chance of a quality night’s sleep, use both products and enjoy what your body deserves – to wake up rested, refreshed, invigorated and eager to begin a new day.

“Read the label, use as directed.  If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.  Topline International, Auckland.”

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