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Our NEW 100% natural sleep aid product

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Nature’s perfect food

Ancient cultures have used pollen and honey to promote general wellness for centuries.
natures perfect food
bee pollen

Why pollen from bees?

To sustain good health, our body must be nutritionally balanced. Bee pollen contains 27 vitamins and amino acids, 28 minerals, 11 enzymes or co-enzymes, 24 beneficial fatty acids and 11 carbohydrates, studies have found that the pollen bees collect to be the most natural food with the greatest range of nutrients.

While bee pollen has all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals your body needs, normal bee pollen is poorly digested by the human body due to the cellulose walls that protect its core materials. Based on research, the human body is only able to digests a small proportion of the nutrients present in bee pollen.
So how do we get all the goodness of bee pollen to you?
Pollen is collected when the bees return to the hive
When the bees climb through the pollen trap, it gently brushes off some pollen before it enters the hive.
Breaking the cell wall
The pollen is processed to break open the cell wall of each pollen grain. No degradation or oxidation of the pollen occurs. This process makes of the pollen’s nutrients much more available for digestion.
After the cell walls have been broken, the pollen is then placed into capsules. Our capsules are made from beef gelatin.
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Time to enjoy the goodness of nature from your home! Wherever you are in the world, we can deliver your Naturebee product to you within 5 - 15 working days.
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100% money back guarantee


more Vitamin A than
weight for weight
(USDA Certified Statement)


 more iron than
weight for weight
(USDA Certified Statement)


more protein than red
weight for weight
(USDA Certified Statement)

Get a much needed energy boost

Ever wish that you had more energy to do the things you used to enjoy? A deficiency in B vitamin complex could be the root cause of your lack of energy, robbing you of your favourite activities.

As a source of B vitamin complex, bee pollen is the perfect all natural food supplement to give you back the energy you used to have.
More about bee pollen’s health benefits right arrow
Build a stronger immune system by protecting yourself from radiation and chemical pollutants, both severe stressors to the human immune system. As a source of anti-oxidants, studies have shown bee pollen successfully counteracting the effects of these stressors by removing free radicals in our bodies.

Strengthen your immune system naturally


Meet Mike Pierce

Endurance Athlete

Well, I started on NatureBee when I started dutifully training for the marathon and the thing that I noticed is that it took me about a month to really start feeling the difference because I was already in pretty decent shape. But I really started noticing that my ability to run longer really got better with time as I took more of NatureBee.
Family takes NatureBee
Our whole family take them daily and we all feel confident they contribute to our good health and wellbeing. They are our TONIC”

Barry N.
Helps me with the housework
I find I have energy all the times to do the things I love doing, plus energy left for “housework”

Lyn McD.
I recommend Nature Bee to my clients and I wouldn’t start my day without it.
I’m a fitness instructor and nutritionist in my mid-fifties. About 9 years ago I was a radio announcer in Sydney and one of our advertising clients was Nature Bee, which is how I first came to try it. I was amazed at what it did for me.

Tricia D.
Introduced to NatureBee by a friend and continually grateful, now I am a devotee
I like NatureBee because it is a great natural supplement with no additives as well as a complete food. It is great for mental and physical wellbeing. I thoroughly recommend it as vital daily must have.

Harold H.


Our commitment to you

All around the world, customers of NatureBee have told us how our Potentiated Bee Pollen has worked for them. They tell us it has given them energy, a stronger immune system, and better sleep amongst other benefits. 

If at the end of your first bottle of NatureBee’s Potentiated Bee Pollen, you can say that it has not been beneficial for you, return the empty bottle and we will refund your money back to you, no questions asked.

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I have asthma. Can I use bee pollen?

You may be able to use bee pollen, but check with your health care professional first. NatureBee Potentiated Bee Pollen is ingested (in capsules) and is therefore not airborne or inhaled. Therefore, for most asthmatics it is not a problem. For some it can produce mild asthmatic symptoms when the trigger factors include pollens. It is suggested that one may start with one capsule a day over a week to assess if the symptoms of a tight chest and wheezing appear. If not, then one may be able to increase to a normal dose of two capsules a day.

Can NatureBee be taken during pregnancy?

Many take supplements including bee pollen during pregnancy, but please check with your health professional before supplementing your diet.

Can I use NatureBee with other medications, supplements or vitamins?

As always, check with your physician before using any supplements. NatureBee 'Potentiated' Bee Pollen is “food" in a capsule, not a drug or medicine, a vegetable food.

Our customers often find that they do not need many of the supplements and vitamins they have been taking! This saves money, time and hassle!

Is NatureBee Potentiated suitable for vegetarians?

Many, many vegetarians use NatureBee bee pollen. The bee collects plant pollen from the stamen of flowers. If you eat honey, then you can use bee pollen.

I have an allergy to bee stings! Can I use bee pollen?

You may be able to use bee pollen, but check with your health care professional first. Bee pollen has not been in the beehive. It is collected at the entrance to the hive. It is pure, raw 100% plant pollen. It is not known to affect those with reactions to bee stings, or bee products like bee venom in crèmes and rubs.

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TAPS Approval Number NA2897 070308
Last updated June 30 2015.
Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.

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