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Bee Pollen Information

I see a lot about ‘whole food’ supplements. How does NatureBee compare to these new type of supplements and how do they compare to other supplements? How can bee pollen offer so many vitamins, minerals and enzymes? It seems overstated.

Bee pollen is a ‘whole food’ supplement. It is nature’s perfect food because bees instinctively search for the best pollen available, and each teaspoon of bee pollen contains over 2.5 million grains of life-giving plant pollen. Plant pollen comes from the male stamen of all flowering plants and is the genesis of most seed-producing life. Pollen is how these plants distribute their DNA to form seeds and reproduce. It is the genesis of this plant life because it enables every vascular plant on Earth to reproduce. It is a potent storehouse of nutritional compounds.

40% protein, at least 18 amino acids, more than 27 vitamins, 28 minerals, 11 enzymes/co-enzymes, 24 beneficial fatty acids, and 11 carbohydrates

NatureBee ‘Potentiated’ Bee Pollen is 100% bee collected, open cell wall, plant pollen nutrients. No added sugar, no artificial colouring, no preservatives, and no gluten. Never heated, NatureBee is fresh raw power and simply a vegetable food in a capsule.

How can NatureBee compare to supplements developed in a lab and manufactured in a factory?

Isolated vitamin and mineral supplements have synthetic chemical structure that cannot be recognized as ‘food’ and  cannot be compared to bee pollen which is a broad spectrum whole raw food.

NatureBee has coined the term “Potentiated Pollen”. How do you make bee pollen more potent? Do you use heat during the process?

We call it ‘Potentiated Pollen’ because the process makes it even more potent for humans to digest. We take fresh, multi-floral, wild, raw, 100% bee pollen and break open its hard cell walls using a proprietary process that’s similar to the way you would open a walnut to get to its delicious, healthy contents. The potentiation process opens and releases the contents of each pollen granule, making it more digestible and bio-available. No heat is used, so each NatureBee Power Pollen capsule contains raw vegetable food for optimum complementation to your nutrition.

What’s the historical background of bee pollen? How is today’s bee pollen different than bee pollen 6,000 years ago?

It’s not – in fact, bee pollen was entombed with the Egyptian pharaohs, and historical accounts of bee pollen consumption have been found among cultures around the world.

Many indigenous cultures used bee pollen in their daily nutrition and as a survival food because of the high amount of powerful nutrition available in a small volume. Māori, indigenous New Zealanders, pounded bee pollen into cakes that were dried and packed to be used on long journeys and to supplement the diet.

Over centuries, bee pollen’s full-spectrum nutrition has been revered. Hippocrates, often called the “the father of medicine”, refers to bee pollen, and it has long been known as a health food that supports immunity and overall health and wellbeing.

I am training for a half marathon. What is the history of bee pollen use for training and with athletes?

Bee pollen has been used for thousands of years as a tonic and a supplement with healing properties. Ancient Greeks took pollen to enhance their performance during the first Olympic games. The Aztecs kept pollen in vials around their necks to help increase their stamina. The extensive range of nutrients in bee pollen can help support every cell in your body, and that boost to your health can have an ongoing effect. When you’re healthy, you feel more like exercising. The more you exercise, the better your cardiovascular health can be, and the faster you can recover from vigorous activity.

Our potentiation process increases the bioavailability of pollen and its nutrients by opening the hard cell walls and releasing the nutrients into your body faster. It makes good sense to incorporate NatureBee into fitness plans, workout plans and training regimens to increase overall performance.

Whether you want to run a marathon or just around the block, or simply keep up with the kids, NatureBee Potentiated Bee Pollen is a great natural way to help you achieve your health goals.

How can bee pollen help with weight management?

Many who struggle with weight management may actually be experiencing nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional balance can be restored by eating a balanced diet, including a whole food supplement such as bee pollen, and establishing a regular exercise routine.

Is there a beauty benefit available from bee pollen?

For centuries, bee pollen has been credited with helping with beautiful skin and internal and external rejuvenation. Dull skin can be a sign of trapped toxins and poor nutrition. Our customers tell us taking NatureBee Power Pollen improves brittle hair and nails, and that it gives them radiant, beautiful skin and a healthy glow.

Can NatureBee be taken during pregnancy?

Many women take supplements including bee pollen during pregnancy, but please check with your health professional before supplementing your diet.

I have seasonal allergies. Can NatureBee help?

You may be able to use bee pollen, but check with your health care professional first.

I have asthma. Can I use bee pollen?

You may be able to use bee pollen, but check with your GP first, particularly if your asthma is serious. NatureBee Potentiated Bee Pollen is ingested (in capsules) and is not airborne or inhaled. Therefore, for most asthmatics it should not be a problem. For some it can produce mild asthmatic symptoms when the trigger factors include pollens. If approved by a doctor, we suggest starting with one capsule a day over a week to assess if the symptoms of a tight chest and wheezing appear. If not, consider increasing to a normal dose of two capsules a day.

I have an allergy to bee stings! Can I use bee pollen?

You may be able to use bee pollen, but check with your health care professional first. The bee pollen we supply has not been inside the beehive. It is collected at the entrance to the hive. It is pure, raw 100% plant pollen. It is not known to affect those with reactions to bee stings, or to other bee products like bee venom in crèmes and rubs.

Can I use NatureBee with other medications, supplements or vitamins?

As always, check with your GP before using any supplements. NatureBee ‘Potentiated’ Bee Pollen is “food” in a capsule, not a drug or medicine. Our customers often find they no longer need many of the other supplements and vitamins they have been taking, saving them time and money.

I am vegetarian. Can I use bee pollen?

Many vegetarians use NatureBee bee pollen as it is a great source of protein. The bee collects plant pollen from the stamen of flowers and is a vegetable substance.

I want to use bee pollen in recipes. How can I use NatureBee in my foods?

NatureBee ‘Potentiated’ Bee Pollen is fresh, wild, multi-floral plant pollen gathered by bees. Bee pollen is a raw food, and the nutrients it contains are destroyed at high heats. The best way to enjoy the benefits of pollen in food is to sprinkle it into smoothies, protein shakes, on salads, homemade ice creams, cold soups, and more – simply open NatureBee capsules and sprinkle!

Can I take bee pollen if I have Diabetes?

It is important to note that NatureBee Power Pollen is a super food product, meaning they are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.

According to Healthline, Bee pollen is loaded with a wide variety of antioxidants, among them flavonoids, carotenoids, quercetin, kaempferol and glutathione (5Trusted Source).

Antioxidants protect your body against potentially harmful molecules called free radicals. Damage by free radicals is linked to chronic diseases such as cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Our products are 100% natural, but we do recommend that anyone who has health concerns consult with their GP before using it.

Why does my product say it’s made in China?

Customers in Australia will see ‘product of China’ on the label; this is due to New Zealand-sourced pollen being short in supply and used to serve the New Zealand market, while the pollen sourced from Northern China is used in our products elsewhere. Our Australian-marketed products contain high quality bee pollen which is sourced predominantly on the Liaodong Peninsula in the northern part of China.

For New Zealand and United States customers, all bee pollen is sourced in New Zealand and the products are manufactured locally.

Regardless of origin, all our pollen meets the high New Zealand food and safety regulatory standards administered by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). The imported pollen is tested for heavy metals and pesticides by an independent laboratory to assure quality. The pollen we use from both New Zealand and China contains the same core natural nutrients, providing the same benefits to all consumers.


Why is there a difference in the labelling of where the product is packaged?

Australian customers buying from a third party (e.g. an Australian retailer, either in-store or via that retailer’s website) the products are packaged in Australia using pollen sourced from China. The label will state ‘product of China, packaged in Australia’.

For Australian customers buying directly from NatureBee (e.g. via the NatureBee website), these products are distributed from New Zealand. The label will state ‘product of China, packaged in New Zealand’.

Customers purchasing our products from New Zealand or the United States will receive products directly from NatureBee, and the label will state ‘product of New Zealand’.

I am not seeing any difference in my health from taking Power Pollen?

It is important to note that NatureBee Power Pollen is a super food product, meaning they are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet. Our products are 100% natural, but we do recommend that anyone who has health concerns consult with their GP before using it, and anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or who has a medical condition is strongly advised to talk to their GP before using our products.

What is the appropriate usage / how many should I be taking daily?

Always check with your medical practitioner before supplementing your own  diet.

The recommended daily usage for adults is 2-4 capsules a day, taken orally with or without food. Customers are advised to always read the label and use the product only as directed.

Why am I paying more for my Power Pollen:

The price of bee pollen is increasing worldwide due to pandemic-related stress on the supply chain, increased global demand for beehive products, and changing weather patterns that are affecting agricultural production – all of which has necessitated a small price increase to our power pollen capsules.

Subscription update:

We are currently updating our Power Pollen prices and subsequently, reinstating our online subscription process.

For our May subscribers, please place your order via our shopping cart and use the 10% discount coupon code as our subscription auto-send is currently unavailable for the month of May only.

From June,  subscriptions will be available once again and we will invite you to rejoin our subscription program. Thanks for your patience while we get these subscription updates underway.

Guarantee & Shipping

Do you really offer a money back guarantee?

Yes and we have for years! If you are not satisfied with NatureBee products, simply send us back the bottle or jar for a refund, we will refund your payment, minus shipping!

We are confident that you’ll see a change in your health and life like thousands of others!

How long does it take to receive my order?

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