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A truckie

"I've only been on this just over a week, and I've sailed through this week. Cognitives is absolutely great -- fresher in the mind, fresher in the body. And as I said, I knock off at 5.30 and I'm still fresh. I just can't believe it, for for somebody to drag their feet like me... mate, this is sensational."

From Stuart

"I've started taking this Power Pollen mate, only been taking if for 4 days now, and I will give you a little bit of something that I've noticed. A little bit of anxiety has gone, bit more calmer....and specially when I wake up as I only get about five or five and a half hours per day"

From Karen

"It was like a caffeine hit, sudden boost of energy, but I've noticed its not so much of an issue if I want to get up and do something...There's no fatigue or lethargy like there was previously, like normally I would get to 4 or 5 oclock and I'd hit a brick wall"