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Our Story

All great things start with a vision. But what about when the vision develops into the clear idea that you can do something that will benefit others. What if you realise that you could help everyone to achieve a happy, healthy, inspired and motivated life – the natural way. It’s the stuff of dreams.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”
Jonathan Swift

In 1992, Jeff Cook, owner and founder of NatureBee had a vision, but it wasn’t pretty. He could see the road ahead paved with serious health problems. He’d found himself stricken with most of the common issues of middle age; being overweight, concerns about cholesterol,  blood sugar and bowels.

Jeff was on the short-list for Club Catastrophe. Not only was he a ticking time bomb, but he was running out of options to defuse it.

He’d built and operated a successful business, but too often, great success equals enormous stress. 18-hour days, with not enough time to sleep, let alone exercise.  Too much of the wrong foods and beverages at the wrong time. Family life was falling apart and his doctor said that unless he did something fast, the only light at the end of his tunnel would be that of an oncoming freight train.

It was around that time that a beekeeper friend, who had noticed his declining health, gave him some loose fresh bee pollen to eat.

Beekeepers, like most passionate nature lovers, like to regale you with stories about bees. Jeff was fascinated, and soon learned that bee pollen was an ancient health food and an extraordinarily nutritious tonic. It was used by the Egyptians, Greeks, Aztecs, Romans, Chinese and just about every other civilisation on earth.  They soon discovered the power of pollen and the many other gifts from the beehive to energise, heal, soothe and invigorate.

Jeff started eating pollen every day. After about 3 months, he was a new man. The energising effect of this pure, natural superfood had really worked.  Many of his health problems eased or disappeared. He felt restored, strong and vital. When his doctor saw him six months later, he was surprised and delighted about the transformation.

Jeff was given a clean bill of health and since then, has not looked back. He decided to learn everything he could about the extraordinary natural gifts from the beehive, and their ability to support human health and wellbeing.

The vision became a reality, and NatureBee is a now a company with customers across the globe. We have an impressive range of products containing key ingredients sourced directly from Mother Nature, and a large proportion of those from the incredible beehive. The vision has come full circle and has evolved into a reality –  where we do indeed strive to help you achieve a happy, healthy, inspired and motivated life – the natural way.

Our Values

Go hard, go natural

We believe that you’re at your healthiest when you nourish your body on the inside and the outside with natural, or at least naturally based products. After all, Mother Nature has provided for all creatures since the dawn of time, and like all mothers – she knows best. We aim to support your whole body, including you skin, with all the nutrients it needs, and none of the processed chemicals it doesn’t. There are no petrochemicals or parabens in our products, our ingredients are sustainably sourced, tested for quality and definitely NOT tested on animals.

You ask, we deliver

Since 1997, with humble beginnings, our inventory has grown from bee pollen, honey, royal jelly and propolis to an extensive range of natural products to help support every aspect your health and wellbeing. This is largely due to what you, our valued customers ask for. We conduct regular fact-finding missions to gather information on your main health concerns. From this research, we can introduce new products.

You talk, we listen

Your feedback is very important to us. Without it, we can’t improve the customer service we take so much pride in. Our phones are answered by humans, your orders are despatched by humans, and it’s always an apologetic human who fixes it when something goes wrong…and sometimes things do! We take all feedback seriously, whether it’s a polite thank you by email, a rave review on Facebook about how our products have changed your life – or a thumbs-down about how we messed up. We encourage all constructive comments because they help us make things better for you.

Our Difference

It takes all kinds to make a world. There are those who blend in, and those who stand out. There’s nothing wrong with blending in. But at NatureBee we want our products to make a real difference. Take our bee pollen for example. You can buy raw pollen from health food stores, but ours is different. It’s power pollen! Raw pollen has an incredibly tough outer cell wall, making it difficult to digest. So we figured out a way to crack open the hard outer shell and make the pollen more bio-available (or easy to digest). This means those incredible nutrients will get to where they need to be a lot faster. Feeding every cell and providing your body with 100% natural sustained energy all day, every day.

The same goes for all our products. They contain ingredients that nature has proven will enhance your health, rejuvenate your skin, support your body’s natural immunity and help you live the happy life you deserve.


Nothing sings louder praise for a product than songs from the heart of happy customers. Here’s a selection of unplugged testimonials from people who are plugged in to the power of pollen…

I’ve been taking the Bee Pollen for many years and its really made a very noticeable difference to my health. I have a rare medical condition and the Bee Pollen gives me energy I don’t otherwise have and builds up resistance to colds and flu. I also use the Glucosamine and Resveratrol. It’s the only Glucosamine I can take – other brands are far too large to swallow. Both the Glucosamine and Resveratrol are keeping the effects of age-ing away. I have no pain whatsoever from joint pain or arthritis so will be keeping on taking it forever. I cannot recommended it highly enough.
Jenny John Facebook review


We are not medical doctors and these FAQs have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please check with your health care practitioner for your medical questions before beginning any supplement program.

Do you really offer a money back guarantee?

Yes and we have for years! If you are not satisfied with NatureBee products, simply send us back the product within 180 days from date of purchase for a refund, we will refund your payment, minus shipping!

We are confident that you’ll see a change in your health and life like thousands of others!

How can NatureBee compare to supplements developed in a lab and manufactured in a factory?

Isolated vitamin and mineral supplements have synthetic chemical structure that cannot be recognized as ‘food’ and  cannot be compared to bee pollen which is a broad spectrum whole raw food.