Stress & Mood

Stress and Mood Management

Research indicates that your diet can affect your mood, emotional and mental health. There’s also a strong indication that your mental health can have an effect on your physical health. Studies show that stress and depression can contribute to lack of energy, digestive disorders, trouble sleeping, cardiovascular disease and other physical health issues.

Reduce Stress and Support Mental and Emotional Health

Scientists have found that a Mediterranean diet can increase longevity as well as improve cognitive, emotional and mental health. The principles of the Mediterranean diet are based on consuming high quality, wholesome, natural foods including whole grains, healthy oils, fruits and vegetables and lean protein to get the best balance of nutrients.

If you find it difficult to get the nutrients you need in your daily diet, it could be affecting your stress and anxiety levels, your mood and your ability stay physically healthy. You can support your mental, emotional and physical health with a range of natural supplements such as Triple Action Resveratrol, Omega 3 and Royal Jelly. View our range of stress and mental support natural supplements below.


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