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The Three Health Pillars That Can Help New Mum

It is a truth universally acknowledged that being a new mother is a full-throttle experience. Life quickly becomes very demanding and at times overwhelming. The power of simplicity is an ethos I’ve carried with me throughout my life, and the more convenient life can be for new mums, the better. That’s one of the reasons I’m always waxing lyrical about the benefits of bee pollen, as it’s packed full of goodness that can benefit our health in many different ways.

If new mums could do with more of anything, it’s simplicity and wellbeing. Directing a little attention to a few key areas can go a long way in giving new mothers that little extra gas in the tank. To narrow things down, here are three health pillars that new mums can focus on:

Though this might sound like I’m stating the obvious, new mums are susceptible to low mood with fluctuating hormones, a lack of sleep, and a general sense of being thrown into the deep end. Keeping connected to the community around you and reaching out for support when you need it is vital during this journey, and it’s important to note that a persistent low mood may indicate postpartum depression.

As a new mother it can be difficult to keep track of everything, let alone find the time and space to contemplate how you’ve been feeling as of late. Mood tracking can be an important tool in managing your wellbeing, for your own awareness and as a helpful record if you do need to seek advice from a GP or therapist.

A number of apps exist to assist with this and you’re likely to have a more objective reflection by being able to step back and observe any trends – as the adage goes, “You cannot manage what you do not measure.” You can also keep an eye on your mood by way of charting or journalling if you prefer.

Fascinatingly, some studies suggest that bee pollen, as mother nature’s superfood, could play a role in increasing blood circulation to the brain, and oxygen in the brain is involved in determining the level of serotonin – or “happy chemical” – in your body.

Dealing with a lack of energy is debilitating enough for the average person, but being a new mother is a specific kind of exhaustion. Protecting your energy levels wherever possible is paramount – fatigue has been proven to slow reaction times and impact mood. Avoiding the yoyoing experience of spiking and crashing blood sugar levels can feel like a minefield with the promise of an invigorating boost never far from reach (most people only have to be in their kitchens to find chocolate and coffee).

However, as a new mother with interrupted sleeping patterns, this is important to manage, and starting the day with a protein rich breakfast can be a stabilising force. Keeping hydrated with water is essential for feeling energised too. I delved into ways to sustain energy without caffeine in a previous blog post.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in need of a quick pick-me-up, and a brisk walk either alone or with your little one is an excellent and healthy way to achieve this. University Hospitals Sports Medicine Physician Joshua Beer says, “Short bursts of activity burn more calories, increase metabolic rate, and improve endurance and strength – all in less time. Simply ramping up your activity for a few minutes a few times a day can improve health.” You can use your imagination and adapt this to your needs, and don’t forget that the right music can provide motivation and fun!

The various systems in our bodies are wholly interconnected, as researchers are still discovering. In the instance of these three health pillars, if one is weakened it can affect the others. Some research does suggest that low mood can physiologically impact your energy and immunity. A lack of energy can affect your mood and immunity, and suffice to say weakened or compromised immunity has the power to dim your energy and mood.

Children have ‘immature’ immune systems, making them more likely to pick up any viruses they encounter. This makes the importance of keeping healthy twofold – to prevent being overwhelmed by anything they pick up, but also to prevent passing on viruses. Managing your mood and energy levels, and being mindful about nutrition, are great ways to help maintain your immunity.

One of my personal favourite mood, energy and immunity boosters is bee pollen, which has reportedly been recognised as medicine by the Federal Ministry of Health in Germany. As a high-value (from a health perspective) overall supplementation, it is naturally packed with a range of vitamins and minerals that work together, mirroring the interconnectedness of our bodies.

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