Nothing sings louder praise for a product than songs from the heart of happy customers. Here’s a selection of unplugged testimonials from people who are plugged in to the power of pollen…

I discovered Power Pollen through a work colleague. I work long hard hours and was feeling tired, wasn’t keeping up or doing things well and yet here they were coping perfectly.

The thing that stood out for me was that Power Pollen is 100% natural. That’s what I was looking for to replace all those coffees I was having.

Since taking Power Pollen, I’m feeling better, enjoying life more and getting on with things.

By Karen Campbell

Company Director | Telephos Contact Management

I lead an active life and travel extensively for work and also for recreation so staying on top of my game requires high energy levels and mental clarity. I had tried a few super food fads with little noticeable effects and came across power pollen in my research so decided to gave it a go!

Within two weeks of taking power pollen the effects were tangible and I soon noticed a huge difference to my energy levels which are now more sustained throughout the day and I can smash out more work and still have energy to exercise in the evening!

I actively recommend Power Pollen to my friends and colleagues as a great natural alternative and they are now converts to the multiple benefits it provides for a healthy way to live.

By Terry

Manager – Direct Sales | Toyota New Zealand Limited

As a busy 46 year old female, between family, a demanding job and the challenges of hormonal changes, I definitely didn’t feel like I did in my 20’s or 30’s anymore, life was challenging me and I knew I needed help.

The benefits of Power Pollen were night and day, week 3 of taking Power Pollen saw me sitting at my desk thinking, ‘wow I feel back to myself again’! My energy was up, I felt balanced, I felt happy! I would absolutely recommended Power Pollen to any busy female of any age, it helped me to find that younger healthy me again.

By Rachael

Business Unit Manager ‑ Consumer | USL Consumer

I really started to notice this difference with Power Pollen within weeks. It makes me feel more energized – especially in the afternoon when my levels would start to flag. When I go to the gym now I feel like I’ve got a much better workout ethic. I can go harder and put more energy into my sets.

By Olli

Property Student

I was experiencing crashes in energy at around 3pm every day. Then I started taking Power Pollen and it was giving me sustained energy throughout the afternoon. It’s a great natural superfood. I feel better mentally, physically and emotionally.

By Jason

Personal Trainer

Although I’ve been healthy all my life and had no issues, I found 16 years ago that I needed perhaps a little bit of a boost as I got older.

I played a lot of sport all my life and I still wanted to continue playing golf, tennis. Without power pollen from Nature Bee I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am.

I heard on the Radio actually about Nature Bee, and I then I ordered online. I find it very easy to take Nature Bee. I take two capsules every morning.

They say to me what do you take? And I just say ‘only Nature Bee’.

By Ruth

Business Owner

My journey into natural health started probably two and half years ago when I had a bad accident. One morning I fell down some stairs and I shattered both my ankles. Wound up in hospital. The first surgeon said I’d never walk again, second surgeon I saw said we can fix it.

During this journey I was prescribed a lot of drugs, they didn’t really agree with me. So that’s why I started looking at some natural alternatives. Through my own research I found Power Pollen by Nature Bee online.

So I’ve been taking Power Pollen by Nature Bee for a shave over 3 months. I first started noticing the effects after about four days and the health benefits have been unbelievable. Clarity that I had in my thinking, my energy levels it’s just planing all day – full of energy. I can’t tell you how good the sleep is. I’ve even been told I’ve been told I sleep quieter by my partner. Which is a bonus for both of us.

For me coming through my injury was massive and it’s exactly what I needed. Power Pollen by Nature Bee is something I’d recommend to anyone.

By Adam

Auctioneer and TV presenter

I work some pretty odd hours. My journey into natural health started two years ago. I have Psoriasis which is an autoimmune disease. A couple of years I had a massive flare up and I knew I had to take my health much more seriously. Around the same time I discovered Power Pollen by Nature Bee. I heard it was a super food in a capsule. I didn’t want to have to take a bunch of other things and rely on coffee and energy drinks and sugar.

Some of the benefits I’ve noticed since taking Power Pollen by Nature Bee over the last two years – overall it’s helped with having auto immune, I feel healthier, it’s helped with my mental clarity, I wake up feeling more rested, better quality of sleep, I feel more energised and I’ve gotten quite a few people onto it.

I really think it’s an awesome superfood. A couple of capsules in the morning, sprinkle it in smoothies, on salads, on my cereal bowls. It’s versatile, it tastes quite sweet because it is bee pollen – see it’s never boring I guess!

By Jess

Radio Producer