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The feel-good factor of bringing the bees back

How welcoming bee numbers back to our gardens with organic fertilisers can also benefit our health and wellbeing.

It’s spring. And isn’t it nice to see flowers in the garden again. But there’s so much more to enjoy than just the visual delights a splash of colour delivers in gardens and the surrounding parks.

With the sweet-smelling and brightly-coloured blossoms come the bees. And right now, our bee populations need more help than ever to maintain their numbers and support the natural balance of our eco-system. Our bee populations are in danger of the ‘Three P’s’ – pesticides, parasites and poor nutrition.

But us clever humans can make all make a big difference to bee-health by switching to organic gardening methods and returning our soil’s natural micro-nutrient balance with organic fertilisers such as Swift Grow.

Joseph Ayoub, a Genetic and Molecular Biologist who developed Swift Grow explains;

“Synthetic fertilisers don’t contain the beneficial bacteria bees use to protect themselves and their colony from pathogens. In fact, when you use synthetic fertilisers on your plants, you’re actually killing the beneficial bacteria in the soil, and the bees are suffering for it. When you apply an organic fertiliser like Swift Grow, bees can tell the difference and will be attracted to these flowers, which in turn will protect the colony.”

Improved soil health will not only benefit the introduced species of bees which include honeybees and bumble bees, it will also benefit the 25 or so species of native bees we have here in New Zealand. These bees don’t live in colonies like honeybees do, however they are active pollinators, ensuring the healthy lifecycle of New Zealand plant life that supports all manner of other species.

Using organic fertilisers such as Swift Grow to return stressed soil to natural levels is not a one-way street. The increased activity of bees collecting pollen is incredibly beneficial to us, as the pollen they collect is an incredible dietary powerhouse of micronutrients.

Every microscopic grain of pollen contains an amazing array of micronutrients our bodies use to function at their best. Pollen has been used around the world for thousands of years to support wellbeing, energy levels and our body’s immune systems. NatureBee Power Pollen takes this all-natural product to the next level, by cracking open the tough outer shell of pollen grains to make it easier for our bodies to absorb. And with more energy we can get more out of our busy lives, including time the garden to make it a welcoming place for bees to visit.

Bringing the bees back to our garden has a proven feel-good factor.

Swift Grow is an all-natural organic fertiliser made from the waste products of organic barramundi farming. To learn more about Swift Grow click here.

Power Pollen is just one of the many bee-related products available from NatureBee. To learn more about NatureBee Power Pollen and its benefits click here.

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