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“Power Pollen works for me...has done for over 20 years ... it will work for you too. Comes with a Money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give it ago!”
Luke Bona

Power Pollen Partner Pack + Introductory Pack + Lip Balm

$129.95 NZD

Purchase our NatureBee Power Pollen Partner Pack (400 caps), and enjoy a free Power Pollen Introductory Offer – 1 Month Supply and Lip Balm as part of this month’s special offer.

Included in this bundle:

Power Pollen Partner Pack – 3 Month Supply for 2 people (400 caps)

A nutritional superfood that supports every aspect of your health and wellbeing and provides sustained, natural energy, all day every day. A huge, natural nutritional boost for the whole family.

Give It A Go - Power Pollen Introductory Offer – 1 Month Supply for 1 person (60 caps)

A nutritional superfood that supports every aspect of your health and wellbeing and provides sustained, natural energy, all day every day.

Manuka Honey Lip Balm

New Zealand Manuka honey stars as the key ingredient in our soothing lip balm that moisturises and heals dry, chapped lips.

Earn 130 reward points towards a future purchase.

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Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. 

Pollen Sourcing

Customers in Australia will see ‘product of China’ on the label; this is due to New Zealand-sourced pollen being short in supply and used to serve the New Zealand market, while the pollen sourced from Northern China is used in our products elsewhere. Our Australian-marketed products contain high quality bee pollen which is sourced predominantly on the Liaodong Peninsula in the northern part of China.

For New Zealand and United States customers, all bee pollen is sourced in New Zealand and the products are manufactured locally.

Regardless of origin, all our pollen meets the high New Zealand food and safety regulatory standards administered by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). The imported pollen is tested for heavy metals and pesticides by an independent laboratory to assure quality. The pollen we use from both New Zealand and China contains the same core natural nutrients, providing the same benefits to all consumers.

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A truckie

“I’ve only been on this just over a week, and I’ve sailed through this week. Cognitives is absolutely great — fresher in the mind, fresher in the body. And as I said, I knock off at 5.30 and I’m still fresh. I just can’t believe it, for for somebody to drag their feet like me… mate, this is sensational.

From Stuart

“I’ve started taking this Power Pollen mate, only been taking if for 4 days now, and I will give you a little bit of something that I’ve noticed. A little bit of anxiety has gone, bit more calmer….and specially when I wake up as I only get about five or five and a half hours per day”

From Karen

It was like a caffeine hit, sudden boost of energy, but I’ve noticed its not so much of an issue if I want to get up and do something…There’s no fatigue or lethargy like there was previously, like normally I would get to 4 or 5 oclock and I’d hit a brick wall”
“I am a very stressed and exhausted nurse. I rely on Power Pollen to pull me through my shift as we all have been working extended hours due to the current health crisis. Power Pollen gets me through.”
Liz Camden, NSW
“I’m a truckie and I can’t afford to feel tried on the job, but I had no energy. My boss has been taking Nature Bee for years and I was listening to radio while driving one morning, and the penny dropped. It’s absolutely helped give me the boost I needed.”
Anthony Ryde, Sydney
“After just one week on Power Pollen I am no longer lethargic and depressed. I have much more energy and feel fantastic.”
Joe Kensington