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5 Tips to Help You Eat Healthy and Live A Vibrant, Healthy Life This Autumn Season

One thing we can always be guaranteed of in life is change. Nature reminds us of this in the ever-changing rhythm of the seasons. Our weather has certainly changed. The temperatures have become cooler and the days are shorter. The morning air is brisk, and it’s time to start thinking about winter jackets and woolly hats.

Those long, summer days of bright berries, crisp salads and succulent fresh fruit are almost behind us. While you might be disappointed to see the last of the summer salads, there are a plethora of yummy foods for you to choose from in Autumn.

Here are 5 tips to help you eat healthy and live a vibrant, healthy life this Autumn season.

1. Always buy food in season.
With the arrival of the new season, now is the time to change your diet! Embrace the yummy foods that Autumn offers. Enjoy fresh pumpkins, parsnips, yams, winter squash, sweet potatoes, turnips, apples, pears, figs, elderberries and even cranberries! Some of my favorite fresh seasonal dishes are creamy pumpkin soup, roasted root vegetables, cranberry chutney, baked sweet potatoes, caramelised pears and crisp apple pies.

2. Eat your autumn colors!
Autumn is the season of warm, earthy colors; think deep greens, dark yellows and brilliant oranges. When you eat foods that are rich in these colors, you are absorbing the vibrational energy of the earth. Fall foods are vibrant, colorful and nourishing. One rule of thumb is that the more colorful the fruit, the better it is for your health and your immune system.

3. Boost your immune system.
With the changing season, now is the perfect time to boost your immune system. Whenever I feel the need for a boost to my immune system, I first look to Mother Nature. That’s why I love NatureBee. Some of my favorite natural immune-boosters are: to drink plenty of fresh water, eat plenty of alive (living) raw foods, rich in Vitamins B, C and D, E , zinc, propolis and Manuka honey.Another powerful way to boost your immune system and keep strong is to use the power of gentle exercise.

4. Embrace gentle movements.
In summertime, it’s so lovely to spend time outside. For many, this sunny weather allows them to move their body naturally, using gentle movements such as walking on the beach. But, don’t let cooler temperatures stop you from moving your body! Far too many people stop exercising and spend more time doing sedentary activities indoors. One way you can keep moving during the cooler season is to bring your activity inside: bounce on a rebounder,, swim, go to the gym or find a dancing class! This Autumn, get yourself organized so that you are well prepared for the coming winter months. Find an enjoyable way to gently move your body, so that this year you keep yourself fit and healthy.

5. Live aligned with the season.
As the season shifts, give yourself permission to make different choices and changes in your lifestyle The shorter days and longer nights are the perfect excuse to take the time to really look after yourself. Use this Autumn as an ideal time to hibernate, giving yourself time for you. Spend time relaxing at home, wrapped up with a hot water bottle, wearing your favorite pajamas and enjoying early nights. Watch movies, drink chai tea, or start writing that book you’ve always dreamt about writing.

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