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D E T O X – Do it Right!

“Detox” is a term that has become so overused and often confused. What’s important to remember is that a hard-core juice fast isnt the only (or necessarily the best) way to start cleaning out your insides. As with most things in life: slow and steady wins the race. Just by making specific changes the what, when and how you eat, can take the load off the body and allow more cellular energy to be spent on things like cell turn over, repair and detoxification. So rather than undertaking a once-a-year arduous ‘fast’, what’s far more conducive to optimal wellness is to eat every day to support daily cleansing (which is how the body was meant to function afterall). When you have ‘your’ diet personally tailored, fine tuned and ‘cleaned up’ by a nutritionist with a speciality in cleansing (like myself) you can feel your absolute best and learn the tricks of how to detox … and eat your cake too!

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