NatureBee Will Have You Buzzing Throughout 2023

Buzzing Throughout 2023

The start of the new year is the time to change the blueprint of your life by seeking healthy habits. It’s when many of us counter the effects of the festive season by starting a fresh regime, which is most likely built around diet and exercise.

We wake in January feeling sluggish after weeks of drinking, eating and generally making merry. So, we sign up for a new gym or cycle daily around that same park where we recently lolled about having picnics.

The trick is being able to sustain this new, healthier lifestyle, which is why it’s important to be supported on your wellness journey with the pollen power in Nature Bee.

You’ll Have The Energy To Meet Your Best Intentions With Nature Bee

Bee pollen, found in Nature Bee, is one of the purest superfoods available. It actively converts the food you eat into energy, which helps you to a naturally healthy lifestyle. This is key as when you’re feeling energetic and on top of your game, you’re better at problem solving and your resilience levels are high.

Nature Bee is unique, thanks to a process called potentiation, which means the pollen is cracked open, so the nutrients are more bioavailable. The nutrients are easier for your body to digest and this natural food is an excellent counter-balance to the after-effects of over-indulgence. When you eat organically, you start to feel good almost straight away.

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Make A Beeline For Nature Bee

Bee Pollen also contains high levels of proteins, amino acids, lipids, minerals, fatty acids, fibre and vitamins. It’s mother nature’s health food. But the real secret to its energy-boosting properties is this high protein content. Bee pollen actually contains 30% protein and all the amino acids we require in our diets. In fact, it contains more amino acids, gram for gram, than any other animal source. It’s the Nature Bee’s potentiation process involved in cracking open the pollen, which brings these nutrients direct to you.

Origins Of Nature Bee

Nature Bee was founded in 1992 by Jeff Cook as part of a bid to turn his life around. Advancing towards middle age, Jeff was overweight with high cholesterol and fluctuating blood sugar. His doctor was giving him a tough talk about his rapidly declining health.

However, life is filled with synchronistic moments. On hearing his tale of woe, a beekeeper mate of Jeff’s gave him some fresh bee pollen to taste and promised it was just the `tonic’ he needed. Believing that he had nothing to lose and everything to gain, Jeff (who is never one to do things by half) began taking bee pollen every day.

Three months later, he felt lighter and more positive as most of his mid-life sluggishness had eased. This was surely a superfood.  After another three months, his doctor was so shocked by his transformation that he thought that Jeff must have been living at a health farm. But Jeff knew what was behind his makeover and he also wanted everyone to enjoy the benefits of bee pollen. So he set about learning everything he could about the extraordinary natural gifts from the beehive and its ability to support our overall well-being. Nature Bee was on its way.

Cleopatra Was An Early Bee Pollen Influencer 

The Egyptians, Greeks, Aztecs, Romans and Chinese, to name but a few of the ancient civilisations, understood the benefits of bee pollen to energise, heal, soothe and invigorate.

Cleopatra (a queen bee if ever there was one) was well known for her interest in health and beauty aids. She made sure she had access to the benefits of the beehive and the energy to go about her day, having her armies conquer nearby lands and making Marcus Antonius a quivering, emotional wreck.

Set An Intention To Regularly Take Nature Bee

It’s time to discover the new you for the new year and those at Nature Bee want to encourage you to do just that: Right now, a month’s supply of Nature Bee is just $29.95 – a saving of $5. And there’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee!  Order it now

You’ll soon notice the difference, as Nature Bee is loaded with 27 vitamins and amino acids plus 28 minerals and powerful antioxidants. No wonder it’s referred to as a superfood. So it’s hardly surprising that once you start taking Nature Bee regularly, all the buzz in 2023 will be around you.

Give it a go, get a one month supply for only $29.95

2 thoughts on “NatureBee Will Have You Buzzing Throughout 2023

  1. Maryharris says:

    This sounds good, i am type 2 and have many health issues, i would like to try this and see how i feel. Would you advice this fir someone like me

    1. Jeff Cook says:

      Hi Mary
      I am sure it is worth “ giving it ago” we have many customers who have this condition and do well with NatureBee PowerPollen.

      Best regards
      Jeff Cook Founder of NatureBee

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