Real Men Take Power Pollen With Nature Bee

Luke Bona takes Power Pollen

Radio legend Luke Bona relies on Nature Bee to keep him buzzing all the way through his gruelling job, hosting the Triple M Network’s talk show, Night Shift, right across Australia. He’s at it from midnight to 5.30am, five days a week.

Luke’s role is to energise and inspire listeners throughout the early hours of the morning. But this means going against his own circadian sleep rhythms, as we’re hard wired to sleep at night. However, while most of us are turning in for bed, Luke Bona is turning up at the radio station. And he really can’t afford to have `a bad day at the office’ as his listeners rely on him to keep them stimulated and upbeat.

Luckily, Luke Bona is someone who has always been ahead of the curve. He believes that real men should be proactive when it comes to their health in order to give their best: The Aussie attitude of `she’ll be right, mate’ just doesn’t cut it any more in this day and age.

Luke discovered the benefits of pollen power very early on. He found that it not only helped to keep him on top of his game but also changed his health outcomes and allowed him to have a better rest. It all comes down to bee pollen, which is one of the purest superfoods available. A great source of sustained energy, bee pollen is loaded with vitamin B, which helps to convert the food you eat into energy. In other words, it makes every mouthful of the right stuff count.

A Regime That’s Been 20 Years In The Making

Luke Bona was introduced to the wonders of bee pollen over 20 years ago when he was working at 2UE and he found that taking Nature Bee every day was life changing.

Nature Bee is unique, thanks to a process called potentiation, which means the pollen is cracked open, so the nutrients are more bioavailable. They’re easier for your body to digest and may also enhance your liver’s ability to process and eliminate those toxins caused by over-indulgence and a bad diet.

Luke Bona had been known to dine on fast food. Blame it on the demands of working on live radio when it’s all too easy to skip meals and snack on burgers and fries.

The radio host lent into bee pollen, which is one of nature’s most complete foods. It is exceptionally nutrient-rich, containing high levels of proteins, amino acids, lipids, minerals, fatty acids, fibre and vitamins.

The secret to its energy-boosting properties is this high protein content. Bee pollen actually contains 30% protein and all the amino acids we require in our diets. In fact, it contains more amino acids, gram for gram, than any other animal source.

A radio talk show is only as good as the research that goes into it and Luke saw that with this new approach, he was becoming sharper. That wooly headed feeling, which most of us recognise as the mid-afternoon energy dump, was slowly becoming a thing of the past for him. Fast forward 20 years and there’s no stopping Luke Bona, even in the early hours of the morning.

Give it a go, get a one month supply for only $29.95

The Origins Of Nature Bee

Nature Bee was founded in 1992 by Jeff Cook as part of a bid to turn his own life around. He was advancing towards middle age with a middle spread with high cholesterol and fluctuating blood sugar. His doctor was giving him that tough talk about his declining health outcomes.

However, life is filled with synchronistic moments. On hearing his tale of woe, one of Jeff’s mates, who happened to be a beekeeper, gave him some fresh pollen to taste, promising that it would be just the `tonic’ he needed. Believing that he had nothing to lose and everything to gain, Jeff (who is never one to do things by half) began taking bee pollen every day.

Three months later, he felt lighter and more positive with the easing of many of his health issues. After another three months, his doctor was so shocked by his transformation that he thought that Jeff must have moved onto a health farm.

Jeff knew that he was onto something and he wanted everyone to enjoy the benefits of bee pollen, so he set about learning everything he could about this superfood from the beehive and its ability to support human health and wellbeing. Nature Bee was soon to be buzzing onto the shelves.

The Benefits Of Bee Pollen Was Not News To Ancient Civilisations

The Egyptians, Greeks, Aztecs, Romans and Chinese – to name but a few, have all known of the benefits of bee pollen to energise, heal, soothe and invigorate. (After all, ancient life was never easy, especially with pyramids to build, wars to fight and lands to conquer). So we’re a little late to the party here as there’s really no other superfood that has so many naturally occurring nutrients. Raiding the beehive came naturally to our ancestors, whose entire diet was organic.

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Give Nature Bee A Go

The festive season has a way of depleting energy levels and making your gut and liver feel that they’re under siege. The good news is that a month’s supply of Nature Bee is just $29.95 – a saving of $5 dollars. This makes it excellent value for money as it’s loaded with 27 vitamins and amino acids plus 28 minerals and powerful antioxidants. So that’s a lot of bang for your buck. Order it now, and  remember there’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Look at it this way, if Nature Bee can get Luke Bona through his gruelling Triple M Night Shift while still remaining fresh and buzzy, think what it can do for you.

Give it a go, get a one month supply for only $29.95

7 thoughts on “Real Men Take Power Pollen With Nature Bee

  1. Jackie Smith says:

    Having a medical condition that can leave me with fatigue, brain foginess, and pain, i really noticed the benifits of taking bee pollen.

    It only took 2 weeks for this to happen, and recently have been without it for a month. Found energy levels dropping, waking up during sleep, that foggy feeling returning, so will definitely go back on it.

    1. Jeff Cook says:

      Hi Jackie

      It generally takes two to three weeks to experience the benefits and conversely there is a drop off when you stop taking PowerPollen. This does reinforce the effectiveness and a it’s a good reason not to ever run out.

      Best regards
      Jeff Cook Founder NatureBee

  2. Veer says:

    Hi Do you still have that promo of 6 month’s supply for $129 or something? Thankyou

    1. Jeff Cook says:

      Hi Veer

      That promo is over 12 months ago

      Best offers are on the specials page of the website

      Jeff Cook

  3. Teresa says:

    Hi just wondering if children can take this..my grandaughter has hypoglycaemia and no pancreas do you have a syrup or can I open the capsule

    1. Jeff Cook says:

      Hi Teresa
      You can pull the capsules open and sprinkle the powder on cereal or wizz it up in a shake

      Jeff Cook

  4. Can I take bee pollen when I have Atrial Fibrillatio, where my heart beats to fast, also have type2. Please don’t tell me go to doctors, as they don’t know about these.. just let me know. I have bottles at home but need to know the answer for my question first.

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