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Why A Daily Dose Of Resveratrol Makes For A Healthy Heart

It’s an old adage, but it’s true. You are what you eat. Many women, especially as they approach middle age, don’t eat the right things. Unfortunately, neglecting your nutritional needs can lead to a great many health problems as we age.

Often in their youth, many women exclude nutritious foods and embark on ‘diets’, with the primary goal of restricting calorie intake, and eliminating fats and carbohydrates altogether, usually to lose weight. We now know that these ‘diets’ can do more harm than good by affecting metabolism, introducing bad eating habits like bingeing and purging and generally depriving the body of the right nutrients to be healthy. 

By the time these women reach their mid forties, their bodies are exhausted and suffering from bad food and nutrition choices. It’s a time when many women start noticing age-related changes in their bodies, and go the other way — ignoring all sense of food planning, which leads to the over-consumption of processed foods, animal fats, and sugars.

As a result, heart disease has become one of the biggest killers of women, and as women age, their heart health declines…especially after menopause.

Every year, 8.6 million women worldwide die from heart disease.

So What Can We Do About It?

Scientists, doctors and nutritionists have discovered that Resveratrol is one of the most effective compounds to support heart health, particularly in women.

Resveratrol is a key ingredient found in red wine, grapes and some nuts. It’s been found to help prevent damage to blood vessels, and reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or bad cholesterol. This in turn helps prevent blood clots and fights free radical damage, supporting healthy arteries, veins and blood flow.

While we don’t recommend quaffing litres of wine to make sure you get your recommended daily dose of Resveratrol, the good news is that supplementing your diet with Resveratrol every day will go a long way to ensuring the health of your heart, and maintaining healthy arteries and blood vessels.

Nutritionists and common sense emphasizes focussing on a balanced diet featuring whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables, healthy oils and fish, which in itself will be beneficial for heart health. But just to be safe, adding a daily dose of Resveratrol will give you a powerful boost of antioxidants to support other age related diseases as well as muscle and joint health, breast health not to mention giving you an increase in energy and vitality. We recommend Triple Action Resveratrol, from NatureBee, which contains a natural blend of highly potent antioxidants present in red wine, red grape skins, peanuts, berries & Japanese Knotweed.

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