The power of bee pollen

According to health research bee pollen consumption can have major benefits for human health and wellbeing.

These include relief of inflammation; working as an antioxidant to combat free radicals in the body; boosting liver health; strengthening the immune system; working as a dietary supplement; easing symptoms of menopause; reducing stress; and speeding up healing.

Bee pollen is the ultimate health life hack for 2021 but is it responsible for us to benefit from this golden dust? Are we taking away pollen from the bees? And is the process harming our buzzy friends and precious pollinators?

The good news is that the bees are happy to share and NatureBee explains why.

Most bees have electrostatically charged hairs that helps attract and hold pollen. This pollen then travels with the bee and brushes off on the next flower, thus allowing the plants to pollinate.

Worker bees periodically stop foraging and groom themselves to pack the pollen into ‘baskets’ on their hind legs. New Zealand flora offers a diverse range of indigenous flowers to support bee pollen collection and healthy bee colonies.

The pollen is collected from a small drawer with a slot; the bees go into their hive through the slot, and as they do, some of the pollen falls from their legs into a tray, leaving plenty of pollen on their legs to take into the hive.

NatureBee focuses on collecting during the South Island summer, when there is an excess of pollen, and does not collect during winter.

A hive produces around five to 10 kilograms a season. New Zealand has no shortage of bees, and NatureBee only collects in pollen-rich areas where there is a variety of pollen species.

Their beekeepers want healthy and fortified hives, and collecting pollen helps to support that. Fortunately, it is a simple process that doesn’t disrupt bee activity and supports hive health.

The collection process is an environmentally responsible and cruelty-free process. No bees are killed, harmed or injured in pollen collection.

NatureBee’s Power Pollen comprises of potentiated bee pollen capsules that are rich in micronutrients to support many aspects of human health. (‘Potentiated’ means to make more bio-available.)

To celebrate Bee Awareness Month in September NatureBee and Sweet Talk NZ collaborated to create a unique cake jar filled with Lemon and blueberry cake with lemon curd and Manuka honey cream cheese icing topped with Nature Bee Power Pollen.

It’s the perfectly sumptuous way to try bee pollen and an especially special treat while living life in lockdown! Available for a limited time only.

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  1. Mary says:

    I havent tried it yet, but have heard it has side affects. Like so many tablets that come with side effect. Can we not buy stuff that has no side affects at all.

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