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QUICK DETOX TIP: Sugar Cravings & Low Energy

I definitely recommend the use of stevia too! It allows you to keep the “sweetness” in your food while you nix the sugar, honey, sweet fruits and other yeast-feeders. Not only does this allow the body to Detox but will also alleviate the symptoms of candida and other fungal issues, as well as allowing the excess weight to drop off. I use stevia in my smoothies, ‘hot chocolate’, overly-icky-vegetable juices, lemon water and cleverly healthy sweet treats.

Other important tips include: Start the day with a fresh vegetable juice, Replace all fats and oils with cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil and high quality cultured butter, Eat an abundance of fresh raw salad, Choose organic grass-fed and true free-range meats, Encourage Digestive rest with a good 3 hours between meals, don’t eat too late, balance gut flora and keep the bowels moving and clean!

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