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Nutrition facts & DEPRESSION

Some nutritional facts that you might not have known about how the right food and lift your mood:

·    Sad Vegans:  Serotonin (our ‘happy hormone’) is made from the amino acid tryptophan.  There are no good plant sources of Tryptophan.  Include high quality animal products and unpasteurised milk if you can obtain it, for healthy serotonin production

·    Sugar Blues:  When your blood sugar drops too low, you are more prone to depression.  Avoid refined carbohydrates, and sweets.  A whole food diet with sufficient (digestible) protein, and healthy fats help to maintain stable energy and fend off sugar cravings in the first place.

·    Feeling Low on Low fat:  Low fat diets are associates with depression.  One of the many reasons reason why it is so important to know your fats, eat enough of the right ones, and avoid all processed “Diet”, “Lite”, “Low-Fat” and “No Fat” foods.

·    SAD:  Seasonally Affective Disorder is a depression that affects people primarily during the winter months or whenever a person is exposed to insufficient sunlight … which for the majority of us is most of the year.  Sunlight stimulates our body’s production of Vitamin D (deficiency directly corrolates to depression and also cancer).  Unless you get plenty of exposure to full spectrum sunlight, on the most part of your body, daily, chances are you’re low.  The best food source is Cod Liver Oil.

·    Heavy Heart:  Heavy metal toxicity (mercury in particular) in our nervous system contributes to depression. The heavy metal detox capabilities of coriander make it of great use in the treatment of depression.  Also consider the quality of fish you eat (small varieties are best) and things like amalgum fillings.

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