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5 top tips for surviving the party season

November and December are the busiest months of the party season, so let’s face it, this time of year your body is in for somewhat of a hard time. All your most important organs will be taxed to the limit with too much rich food, way too much alcohol, far too many late nights, hardly any exercise and the exhaustively impossible process of gift selection.

Instead of giving in completely to the madness and mayhem, and sorting out the damage later, you can actually give your body a fighting chance of making it through with minimal upset.

Here’s our 5 top tips and survival hints

Tip 1. Be kind to your liver

One of the hardest working organs in your body is your liver. And this time of year, it  may have its work cut out! One of its jobs is to help flush harmful toxins like bacteria, allergens and alcohol from your blood.

Alcohol is your liver’s worst enemy, and maybe the suggestion of abstinence is futile. So if want to enjoy a few cocktails, celebration shots and maybe a toast or two with wine and champagne, then try to dilute it with plenty of water. Drink a glass of water before you start imbibing, and try to swap at least one or two drinks with a glass of water instead of alcohol.

Tip 2. Eat before you drink and be merry

Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach. This might seem obvious, but that first glass of bubbly will go straight to your head and your great night out will be short-lived. Try eating a carb-protein combo before going out (or while out). A ham and cheese sandwich would do. Or a chicken salad wrap. No matter how much you think you’re craving it, try to stay away from fatty food as this just makes more work for your already-overworked liver.

Drink a glass of water before you start imbibing, and a take a couple of golden NatureBee power pollen capsules. The extra nutrients will offer much needed support for the aftermath of the carnage you’re about to inflict. Then during the night, try to swap at least one or two drinks with a glass of water instead of alcohol.

Tip 3. Dealing with the morning after

You’ll be helping your liver even more if you eat some of the following foods, either in juice form, raw, or cooked next day:

  • Brussel sprouts, broccoli, spinach and cabbage are all rich in sulphur, vitamin B and folic acids.
  • Beetroot and carrots have a cleansing effect on the liver
  • Brown rice contains vitamin B and the antioxidant selenium

A nice big glass of cool water by your bedside will help the dehydration headache that may greet you next morning. A glass of Vitamin C-packed orange juice and 4 golden NatureBee power pollen capsules will help replenish all those lost nutrients, support your struggling body, and help kickstart your day.

Tip 4.  Have a love-your-liver day

When apologising for the damage isn’t good enough, then how about skipping the alcohol and fatty food at least for a day. Start the day by sipping herbal tea. Herbs like lemongrass, ginger, dandelion and milk thistle all contain properties said to support a healthy liver, and can start a gentle detoxifying action.

As an extra helping hand, you can help rid your body of impurities with our herbal Green Cleanse. A synergistic blend of natural herbs to support healthy body mineral levels. Especially useful to help reboot your system and cleanse, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Tip 5.  Do some exercise.

Even the most moderate activity that raises your heartbeat can help your lymphatic system. Sweating will help you get rid of boozy toxins. Exercise is also great for stimulating your digestive system, and getting feel-good endorphins whirling through your body. Not only that, but exercise will speed up your metabolic rate and boost your immune system, which helps fight infection.

Make a headstart, and give your body the gift of good health now, rather than waiting until January. Balance is the key to everything

There’s no need to deny yourself, but with a little thought, a smattering of willpower, and some of the great health products in our range, your festive season – and its aftermath will leave you in better shape than you thought.

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